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Plan My Baby Review

Plan My Baby Review

Plan My Baby Review

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In this section of The Best Way to Get Pregnant, I want to share with you my Plan My Baby review. I’m going to go cover what it is, as well as the pros and cons.

Plan My Baby Review – What You Need to Know

Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess? Official Site

So let’s dive right in. Plan My Baby is the best-selling gender selection book on the market. It is written by Alicia Pennington who was a midwife for 12 years until she came across several cases of mothers suffering post natal depression after not getting a baby of their desired gender. Alicia has based this book on her extensive research on the matter, along with her personal experiences after experimenting her methods on herself. At this point, thousands have purchased this e-book and Plan My Baby boasts an incredible 94% success rate of couples conceiving a baby of their desired, chosen gender.

Plan My Baby Review – What Is It?

The Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess? guide is a comprehensive e-book targeting couples that are scared to leave the gender of their next baby in fate’s hands. It lays out a totally safe and natural, systematic approach for actually controlling the birth of your child. The author totally delves into the concept of baby gender selection and leaves no stone unturned on the journey from pre-conception, all the way up until birth.

There are topics meticulously illuminating the areas of ovulation, diet, what both partners should and shouldn’t be doing, and every area in between.

Plan My Baby Review – What I Liked

Alright, enough of the tedious explanations. Let’s move onto what I personally liked about the Plan My Baby system.

So firstly, let me just point out that I found it remarkable the amount of detail this woman goes through in explaining each section so as to not leave any guesswork in the minds of her readers. This truly is a no-nonsense guide. The book is neatly split up into two sections: how to get pregnant with a boy, and how to get pregnant with a girl, so you can focus on what is really pertinent to you without all of the extra mumbo jumbo.

I always felt like my secretly wishing for one gender over the other was dirty thinking. The way this book is written is so refreshing in that aspect. People naturally favor having one gender over the other, especially in cases where it’s their first-born, or when they have already had one or multiple same-sex births – and that’s okay! Don’t feel guilty like I did, and embrace your desires for having the family of your dreams.

Each section is amazingly in-depth. And I particularly love learning how exactly I can apply something in a systematic way for real results, and that’s what this aids in. My favorite segments include the one on going over precisely how to calculate the ovulation date and timing intercourse, and the dietary programs built for the man and woman. It also contains a few astonishing secrets that I have not read about anywhere else this subject matter has been discussed (and I do lots of research!). She also really gets into the theories and the reasoning behind each method, which I love over the “do this and this and this” type of guides that leave you wondering why you’re doing what you are. Another thing is that this book really doesn’t discriminate against certain races, ages – they claim anyone can utilize the tips here, regardless of what you’ve been told before.

Next, if you use the special link below, this book will actually come with some sweet bonuses including A Healthy Pregnancy Guide and Breastfeeding Secrets. Who can complain about freebies, right? And they’re actually useful!

There are also testimonials from real couples discussing their results after having tried this product and applying the methods. Click here to check them out.

Lastly, I want to talk about how risk-free this product is. It comes with a no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee, and that’s something I always look out for. Whether you’re completely satisfied or not, if you ask for a refund in the allotted period, it’s yours.

Plan My Baby Review – What I Didn’t Like

Now, I would like to touch base on what it is I didn’t like with the Plan My Baby guide.

Firstly, like I said, I do lots of research. This makes it pretty difficult for me to find a whole book with entirely fresh material. So I did find a few things I already knew about, but I understand including this stuff is important for beginners. I did however learn lots of vital, brand new material that I’m so glad I now know.

Next, this is of course not a sure-fire way of planning your baby’s sex. There are about 6% of people this probably won’t work for. Go into it with an open mind and apply the guide as best you can, while still remaining realistic.

The last thing I want to point out is that it is an e-book, so be aware of that before ordering. It may not be as portable as an actual book, so I understand that is a downside for some.

Plan My Baby Review – Overall Thoughts

Overall, I am very happy to recommend the Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess? guide to anyone who has ever dwelled on the possibility of their baby not being the gender they hope for a little more (and I believe that’s most of us!).  Please bear in mind though, that this is a guide that is intended for those who are ready to take action. So go into it seriously, be hopeful, and I wish you the best – a beautiful, healthy baby boy or baby girl!

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